Miriam Cyris

  • Original Articles

    Structured oral hygiene instruction in the treatment of periodontitis – an explorative study

    Introduction: According to the actual EFP guidelines, first step of periodontal therapy should include oral hygiene instructions (OHI), comprising the use of interdental brushes (IDBs). Yet, non-conclusive evidence exists for their effect. The present multicentric clinical controlled explorative study...

    Issue 2/2022

  • Review

    Spray mist and aerosol control in dental room air – summary of current evidence

    Introduction: An evidence-based, balanced discussion of the facts regarding the reduction of infection risk during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic by aerosol-controlling measures in dental practice has not yet been fully conducted. Therefore, the current state of knowledge on spray mist and aerosol control in...

    Issue 6/2021