Issue 6/2019

In this issue you find the following Subjects:

  • E-cigarettes and oral health
  • Ultrasonic and sonic irrigant activation in endodontics: A fractographic examination
  • Administration of systemic adjunctive antibiotics in periodontology – a nationwide online survey
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table of contents (6/2019)

Clinical Snapshots

  • E-cigarettes and oral health

    IntroductionE-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat up chemical solutions, which are referred to as liquids. Aerosols in different flavors are produced, many of which can contain nicotine [6]. A survey in...


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Original Articles


  • Surgical removal of wisdom teeth

    Update of the S2k guideline The second update of the S2k guideline „Surgical removal of wisdom teeth“ was completed in August 2019. It was originally one of the three pilot guidelines of the German Medical...

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