Issue 1/2021

In this issue you find the following Subjects:

  • Idiopathic progressive condylar resorption
  • The “problematic patient”: what is the problem?
  • “Psycho”-Diagnoses as self-protection in professional insecurity
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table of contents (1/2021)

Clinical Snapshots

Original Articles

  • Illustrated by the example of temporomandibular disorders

    The “problematic patient”: what is the problem?

    Problem: When patients report pronounced physical complaints without sufficient somatic findings to substantiate them, practitioners sometimes refer to these patients as being ”problem patients” or ”difficult...

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  • “Psycho”-Diagnoses as self-protection in professional insecurity

    Introduction: Speculative etiological assumptions and blame are widespread in the case of medically unexplained symptoms, and particularly in the case of pain. Materials and Methods: In the article, findings are...

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  • Is the concept of somatoform prosthesis intolerance still up to date?

    Introduction: Until recently “somatoform prosthesis intolerance” covered a wide range of patients with diffuse symptoms. Material and Methods: Meanwhile, new dental conditions have been established so that it is...

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  • A subtle trap – occlusal dysesthesia

    Introduction: Patients complaining of uncomfortable and unpleasant tooth contacts are encountered in the dental practice time and time again, as well as in the fields of physiotherapy, pain therapy, and...


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