Introducing DZZ International

The DZZ is the largest scientific dental journal that is published in German. Topics and formats which are convered in this journal are clinical studies, case reports, dental material studies, experimental and clinical prevention papers, systematic reviews, etc.

A joint project between the German Society of Dental Medicine (DGZMK) and the Deutscher Ärzteverlag has prepared the way for the DZZ to enter the international stage, and to be listed on to important international data bases. The project is now completed by the launch of an English language Journal – the DZZ International. This new publication will be a scientific dental journal with a broad spectrum as mentioned above. It will be released online enabling worldwide access, but with a focus on readers within central Europe. This initiative fulfills the requirements necessary for inclusion into the PubMedCentral database with a proposed reinstatement on MEDLINE to follow. 

Below are listed the important features:

• A stringent peer review process will remain as the standard.

• All articles will be published in English. However, German manuscripts can also be submitted and the publishers will organize the translations. Quality assurance will be provided by translators whose mother tongue is English. Of course, English manuscripts will also be welcomed and their submission is encouraged.

• Open Access Online: Full access to the English version will be free of charge. The publication of all articles will be at no cost to the authors.

• Speed: All accepted manuscripts will be promptly made accessible.

The key strategic points for the DGZMK are to give increased incentives to authors and also to provide quality articles to the readership. It is our intention to promote a flexible and easy entry into the publishing World for the next generation of young scientists in Europe and worldwide.

The scientific management of DZZ International is in the hands of Guido Heydecke and Werner Geurtsen (Editors). The associate editors are Nico Creugers (Nijmegen), Henrik Dommisch (Berlin), Marco R. Kesting (Erlangen), Torsten Mundt (Greifswald), Falk Schwendicke (Berlin) and Michael Wolf (Aachen). Together they bring a broad technical expertise and experience to the project.

What can you do? We invite and welcome you as potential authors to immediately submit manuscripts for publication in the DZZ International. We do accept original papers, reviews, and case reports and more. For further details on the submission process, please see the guidelines for authors. And of course as a reader, you can participate and read. All articles are available online now at the website.

Best regards

Editorial team, the DGZMK and Board of Management of the Deutscher Ärzteverlag

Prof. Dr. Guido Heydecke

(State: 14.01.2019)

Latest Issue 3/2019

In Focus

  • Pulpotomy in permanent teeth
  • Understanding and improving care: Use of routine data
  • Needs-based care: Illusion or reality?